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Pot Holders

Posted by sara1955 on January 13, 2009

–ONE of my Achilles’ Heels —

I love the “old” pot holders of days gone by.  I’m especially fond of the decorative Pot Holders, mitts and hot pads.  I have a bunch that I made hanging on the wall above my stove.  They’re in 4-5 fruit patterns with different colors to make my “50s Fruity/Tuscanny” kitchen a little more finished.

There are a number of patterns, both free and for sale, on the internet.  My favorite “for sale” patterns came from Maggie’s Crochet (  Get used to seeing Maggie’s link!  She has a number of my favorite patterns.  I’ll add more links as I think of them in this blog. 🙂

Believe it or not, a number of people collect pot holders, like they collect Pyrex, Fire King, Tupperware, and other oldie-goldie items.  and you guessed it!  M & I both collect these …. and more!  *sigh*.  I think we’ll end up having to buy a second house to house our goddies!! LOL

“Gay & Gifty Pot holders” by Barbara E Mauzy is a nice book for pot holder collectors.  The particular book I have wa published in 2003, so I’m certain things have changed a bit since then.

I’m not a “serious” collector of anything.  I do treasure my items and treat them well, but I believe “if ya’ got it, use it” even applies to my goodies around the house.  That being said, I ue collector’s books not to find the perfect collectible, but to verify that I’m not gouged by a seller when I buy something.

In Ms. Mauzy’s book, there are wonderful examples of crocheted pot holders.  There are a number of these that I think I’ll have to figure out how to make them for my kitchen and there are several that I think, “hmmm, if this or that were added or changed . . .”  So, I supopose off and on you’ll be seeing potholder patterns here.

I am working on the checkerboard and have sent the first part out to be tested.  Hopefully I’ll have it all out to be tested by the end of next week.  This pattern will be free on this site, but not alll my patterns will be.  As a tester “you” get a free copy, it is copyrighted so please don’t share, send anyone who wants to peek or make it to this site.  Would you like to be a tester?  I only allow five people (of different skill levels) to test the patterns.  I’m always looking for beginners, beginner-intermediate, intermediate and advanced crocheters.  Contact me and we’ll see if we can find common ground.

Until later, stay tuned —


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