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Rants . . .

Posted by sara1955 on January 20, 2009

What caused people to become rude and selfish?  Did it start when both parents had to work outside the home?  Or when prayer was taken out of schools?  Or with the breakdown in the American family?  Whatever the cause was, it need to stop ………. NOW!!!

I’m saddened  by this and I just want to throw a few thoughts out there for pondering . . .

When at the grocery store, if an older person has 1, 2, or 3 items and you have a lot, let them go first.  That’s just common decency.  Sometimes shopping really knocks all the energy our of our senior citizens, and standing in line take more energy than shopping does.  It doesn’t hurt to be nice and let someone in ahead of you.  There’s not a grand prize for being rude 🙂

Speaking of letting others go first:

. . . there’s no shame in letting a car back out of a partking space, even if you don’t want that space;

. . . there’s no shame in letting a car into the traffic flow when traffic is heavy;

. . . there’s no shame in waving to neighbors or welcoming a new neighbor with a cake or cokkies or a pitcher of tea.

These are just a few of my thoughts.  I’m saddened by the adult selfishness I see and appalled by the lack of adult supervision of adolescents and teens.  As rude as our nation has become, heaven help us when we become the seniors (and that’s not far off for me) and have to depend on these folks.

Just a little food for thought 🙂


4 Responses to “Rants . . .”

  1. Joan said

    I totally agree! I always let people go before me if they have only a few items. I live in Texas and I find that people on the whole are more mannerly here, including young people who often hold doors for me and say please and thank you out in public.

    I’ve been in many other parts of the country where this is definitely not the case.

  2. sara1955 said

    That is true, Joan. I’ve lived here and there throughout the western half of the US. I’m a Texan, born & bred (yes, that’s a Southern/Texas term), and live in Texas. I am, however, noticing the lack of manners in our younger generations. Gen X and the “Me” Generation are stifling manners, as a whole, not as individuals.

  3. Penny said

    You are so right. I moved to Michigan about 10 years ago and I get so frustrated with peoples rudeness. Our own neighbors will drive by our house and never wave. Trips to the grocery store always depresses me, no one gives eye contact, smiles, says hi or excuses themselves if the walk in front of you…very very sad. These people are also rude on the road and that becomes dangerous. We taught our son to hold the door for people, always say please and thank you, even remove his hat when inside but he has held the door for people that never acknowledge his kindness. We have had to explain to him that some people just aren’t nice but their actions shouldn’t change his actions. When I read your blog and saw this topic I just had to comment. Taank you!

  4. Penny said

    Oops…Thank you!

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